Month 2 Blog Income Report - How I made $2527.82 in my second month blogging.

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This is a blog income report on how I made $2,527.82  in my second month of blogging before expenses! If you want to see my first month you can read it here.



My second month blogging and I can tell you I was happy to see an increase in $$$. There was a substantial payment of $1500 for a ‘Front Page Featured’ spot in my advertising packages, that will not be a regular occurrence monthly. So that really boosted things! There was more potential for more income to be made but I honestly did not have the time to do things that I had hoped to do. My life in my home has had priority this month with so many other ‘life tasks’ that needed my attention – including my kids. At this stage in their lives they are my first priority so when I have needed to have more focus on them I have and the blog has been put back. For me they are more important right now, especially with Isabella being so young. I want to be there everyday as her mum not just as a person in the same home working while shes is left playing by herself. The older she is getting the more interaction she needs for her development and I do not want to miss these vital moments. Career can come later if it comes down to it, nothing comes before my kids. 


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Income Break Down

You Tube - $55.66 / Last Month $56.29

I really did not work a lot on the channels in October as I had other priorities going on, but I’m still happy that something was made and I still had on going subscribers.


Shopify –  $35.98 / LAST Month $35.98

I use Shopify to build all of my websites including this blog. If someone clicks on my FREE 14 day trial link and signs up I make a commission. Shopify is great for those wanting to expand into a online store. Its primary function is to do this and is done extremely well in my opinion!


Amazon – $0  / Last Month $0.65

I have had done nothing at all to promote Amazon this month, but I have a few things set up for my Christmas blogs coming out in November so I’ll see how that goes. Amazon proves to be a very hard affiliate to make work so far. If someone clicks through from my blog to Amazon via my link then I make a small commission off each sale.


Adsense – $397.98 / Last Month $264.30

have chosen to work with Adsense on my website for display ads. I make money from impressions & when ever someone clicks on an advert.


Advertising Spots I Sell On Blog - $1500

I sold a ‘Front Page Featured’ spot. Whilst this is not something that will happen every month as it is a limited spot it was a great boost to have. After Christmas I plan on focusing more on this selling selected spots through out and on the ‘Mummy Directory’ also.


Sponsored Posts - $0

I have done sponsored posts previously through my You Tube channels and on this blog. I was paid in product not $$$, but this was in my previous months. I do hope to do much more of this if relatable to my topics. I am in talks at the moment with a couple of companies to do reviews, hopefully they will follow through.


Josabella Kids - $538.20 / Last Month $508.30  Josabella Kids is my work from home business I run in conjunction with the blog. I use the blog & You Tube channels to help promote it and it is part of my This Mum At Home journey. It is inspired by my two children Joseph & Isabella and is personalised digital kids birthday invitations, letters from Santa & The Easter Bunny! It is inspired by an imaginative world of stories I tell and play with my children. The best thing about this business is that my products are digital files for self printing, so I sell to people all over the world!


How Did I Do It?

I worked very hard again on promoting the blogs through my my 2 You Tube channels & my social media channels - Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram, & Pinterest . This months results at 2027 visits & 3319 page views on the blog. This was more than I expected and has just set a positive motion for the next month ahead.

The main blog tribe (I am apart of a few) has continued to be a great support for getting the blog out there for sure. This month I didn’t hit it as hard as I did in September, but I was trying to not burn myself out so much this month. Especially when I have been working crazy trying to get the Christmas blog posts done for November! I


My Goals For October Where:

* Increase My Subscriber List & Create A Newsletter – last month I had 50 subscribers, this month I now have 78 and that was without promoting. I did not get another newsletter out ! November I hope to do weekly.

* Increase Blog Visits To 2000 for the month – 2027 visits & 3319 page views. Super happy with the results.

* Post More Consistently On Instagram –  I did not ! People must be wondering where I have gone considering I posted daily lol Im hoping to use Tailwind to help keep up with that.

* Write and publish 2 blog posts per week + write 6 Christmas blog posts for Christmas series I have in mind for November. – I only posted a couple of new posts for the month, but I did complete 11 Christmas blog posts to launch in November!

* Get my You Tube vlogs back on track! – I did not focus as much as I wanted on the channels in October. Unfortunately my priorities with my family overtook that this month.


My Goals For November:

* Increase blog subscribers to 100 & Get 2 newsletters out.

* Increase Blog Visits to 2500 & 4000 page views.

* Post more consistently on Instagram – I really love Instagram and want to get back on there!

* Increase my Pinterest av monthly viewers to 30,000 – this may seem like a huge jump considering October was around 7,000, however I have found using tailwind has increased my views very quickly so I think this will be achievable.

* Increase Twitter followers to 500 & av monthly tweet impressions to15,000

* Post more and engage more on the This Mum At Home business page and This Mum At Home group pages.

* Work on the eBook – My plan was to have this out by end of year, however I have realized it just wont happen by then with the work load I have going on in November – December. I would though like to make sure I’m working on it at least twice a week.


So in all I think month 2 was an improvement to month 1 both in statistics & income. I do have some photography work I need to work on from the end of November so I am not expecting a big jump for November & December, but are still enjoying the ins and outs of my blogging world! I especially have been enjoying all you mumma’s out there that have contacted me and I have been able to help where I can on different topics :)

If you’re a mum blogger trying to balance it all and create something for yourself you know the joy the blog is bringing me. It’s definitely given me another sense of happiness just within myself to feel like I’m finally fulfilling what ever the universe/God’s purposes is for my life. We all have different paths and journey’s. None of us are the same and it is our own choice on how we live our lives, no one elses. For this time in my life I believe I am where I am suppose to be right now for myself and my little family of 4.


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