My First Blog Income Report - How I made $865.52 in my first real month of blogging!

 My First Blog Income Report How I Made over $800 in my first month blogging

So why do bloggers do these income reports ? Is it to brag or to help us other newbie bloggers out there? I’ve seen blog incomes ranging from $150 - $130,000 per month (before expenses) and truly believe the blog posts I have read are there to inspire and help other bloggers out there in living their passion. With my previous business experience & willingness to teach myself as much as I can about the blogging world, I hope to make something of the ‘This Mum At Home’ blog. Doing blog income reports is a way for me to keep track of my monthly goals & also to inspire other mums out their wanting to do the same.

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Don’t be fooled though, never think that blogging is a easy way of making $$$, It takes time and a lot of hard work!

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My First Real Month Of Blogging

September 2017 was what I considered my first ‘real month blogging’. I started the blog slowly around February, teaching myself how to create a blog, write posts and set everything up. It was here and there when I could fit in it and no promotion. It was pretty much like taking a class on learning how to blog.

The 9th of September I decided to take the plunge and give it all the attention I could. So 3 weeks of writing, promoting, building and more learning lead me to an income of $865.52. Not bad at all for my first serious month!

Previous to this I had made only around $2.48 on the blog (accidental from a couple of people stumbling across it) & $250 on my You Tube Channels. I include You Tube in this income report as I had started my channels as a video blog initially. It is now tied in with the This Mum At Home website and vise versa.


5 Most Popular Blog Posts For This Month 

183 visits - How I Became A Work From Home Mum

147 visits - How To Create A Website /  Blog /  Online Store

146 visits - Shopping Trolley Bags - Aldi Product Review

142 visits - Keeping A Grocery Inventory To Save Time + Meal Planning Printables

136 visits - Kryal Castle - Family Activities Review


Income Break Down

You Tube - $56.29

You Tube has always been connected to Adsense and I have always made something each month to help cover my existing websites. This month however it increased a little. I am not sure if it had to do with the blog (I havn’t connected a lot of my content on their yet, but have done some of my more popular vlogs) or if it is just the content I have created pulling in more views ?


Shopify –  $35.98

I use Shopify to build all of my websites including this blog. If someone clicks on my FREE 14 day trial link and signs up I make a commission. Shopify is great for those wanting to expand into a online store. Its primary function is to do this and is done extremely well in my opinion!


Amazon – $0.65

I actually made a little more but someone returned their item so the commission disappeared lol. If someone clicks through from my blog to Amazon via my link then I make a small commission off each sale.


Adsense – $264.30

I have chosen to work with Adsense on my website for display ads. I make money from impressions & when ever someone clicks on an advert.


Advertising Spots I Sell On Blog - $0

This is not something I have worked on yet, but do plan to in the future. I will sell selected spots through out and on the ‘Mummy Directory’.


Sponsored Posts - $0

I have done sponsored posts previously through my You Tube channels and on this blog. I was paid in product not $$$, but this was in my previous months. I do hope to do much more of this if relatable to my topics.


Josabella Kids - $508.30

Josabella Kids is my work from home business I run in conjunction with the blog. I use the blog & You Tube channels to help promote it and it is part of my This Mum At Home journey. It is inspired by my two children Joseph & Isabella and is personalised digital kids birthday invitations, letters from Santa & The Easter Bunny! It is inspired by an imaginative world of stories I tell and play with my children. The best thing about this business is that my products are digital files for self printing, so I sell to people all over the world!


How Did I Do It?

I worked very hard on blog posts and promoting for 3 weeks in September using my 2 You Tube channels & my social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

The best thing that could have happened to me was stumbling across ‘Mom Bloggers Tribe’ on Facebook. There are many ‘tribes’ and promotional/support blogger groups out there, but this one by far was my turning point. It is structured, very professional and helped gain 1,673 visits to my blog. I first herd about blogging tribes via a blogging video series I found on You Tube ran by successful mum bloggers 3 Boys And A Dog & Crystal Co. Their videos are old now but I continue to watch their videos continuously and this was how I first taught myself about blogging!


My Goals For October.

* Increase My Subscriber List & Create A Newsletter – I have a small amount of subscribers at the moment and have only done 1 newsletter in 6 months! I would like to do a weekly newsletter if possible. Current subscriber count is at 50.

* Increase Blog Visits - To 2000 for the month

* Post More Consistently On Instagram – This was something I always did, but due to my focus shifting this month I hardly touched Instagram!

* Write And Publish - 2 blog posts per week + write 6 Christmas blog posts for Christmas series I have in mind for November.

* Get My You Tube Vlogs Back On Track! - Since I have spent so much time on the blog this month I have let the vlogging slack off a little. I truly love doing You Tube and want to keep this in my life whilst also tying it in with blog as a more personal connection with my readers. I've had great success in September in getting viewer over to read the blog and vise versa.

* Promote Josabella Kids Regularly - Since September was focusing mostly on teh blog I let poor Josabella Kids go on the wayside! For October I hope to get some more designs going and get things promoted again.


If you want to read more about blogging and being a work from home mum check out more blog posts here.


  • REPLY TO Ferg * Hi Ferg I think there is a number of things that decide on how much per click you get paid etc. I have emailed you in a little more detail on what I assume is happening with mine :)

    This Mum At Home
  • How do you get your adsense numbers up? I had 1000 visitors to my site yesterday and only made like 2 dollars. Is it a placement thing?

  • Congratulations on a successful month! Wishing you all the best as you continue to grow your blog and business!

    Mary Leigh
  • I used an emoji after Congratulations and it appears as question mark. It makes it look like I’m asking. Please don’t mind the ?

  • Congratulations ?
    It’s fulfilling to do something you’re passionate with and earn from it.

    I also think that being a member of the Mom Bloggers Tribe was one of the best blog-related things that happened to me ☺️ I’ve been blogging for 10 years and when I became a member, I’ve learned a lot of things like it’s my first.


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