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There is nothing worse than having bored children at home "Mum, Mum? Muuuuuum". Yep! You know that's what you get lol. I have found having a plan put in place makes it not only more simple for me to plan the everyday things I need to do, but also makes a happier child if they have things to look forward to. 


So how do you do this?

1. Have A Family Meeting - Sit down at the start of the holidays with your children and talk through what you can do over the school holidays that everyone will enjoy as a family.

2. Things To Keep In Mind

  • Will everyone enjoy the activity?
  • Is it age appropriate?
  • What is the one thing each person would like to do during their holidays?
  • What is the cost?

3. Make A School Holiday Calendar - Once you have decided on the activities you will do in teh holidays, fill them into a calendar so you can clearly see what is planned on what day and at what time. Try this Holiday Planning Calendar Printable to get you started > FREE use code WINTER2017 on checkout.

4. Display The Plan - A good idea is to have a calendar on display where your children can see. They then know what they have to look forward to each day and will feel less bored and happier.


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