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Aldi Shopping Trolley Bag's
Today I'm talking about the Aldi Shopping Trolley Bags. These bags were in one of their weekly special items and may not be available right now, but you can purchase similar ones online at places such as Amazon too (see below). These shopping trolley bags have made my grocery shopping so much more simple & quick. Without fail every time I am shopping in store other customers either ask me where I got these wonderful bags or they watch me with a shocked (yet envious) look when they see how quickly I get out of Aldi ... themselves still over at the packing shelf packing away lol. I simply just love these bags and would recommend the Aldi shopping trolley bags to anyone looking to make grocery shopping more simple.

(This product can be shipped to Australia) 

Price -

$19.95 - $55.00AU
What Are Shopping Trolley Bags?
Trolley Bags are designed to fit most grocery stores shopping trolleys. Starting off with a larger size bag at the handle of your trolley, decreasing in size to the end of the trolley. These bags are reusable grocery bags to bag your groceries whilst also helping save the environment. They spread out perfectly onto the trolley when you are ready to use them, attaching to each other via velcro for easy management and then easily separate to load into your car. Once you are finished you just fold them up and roll them up for easy storage.
Pros - 
  • They make shopping a lot quicker when going through a self serve/packing checkout such as Aldi.
  • They make unpacking your groceries more organised as you are packing them the way you want. I usually pack per category eg fridge, pantry, cleaning & other.
  • Save you $ from buying plastic bags each shop at stores
  • They pack up and store away easily into your car without taking up too much room.
  • They separate, so if you only need 1 bag for your shop you can always take just one in hand held.
  • Reusable they help you do your part in saving the environment.
Cons - 
  • You need to make sure you pack heavier items in the smaller size bags so it is not too difficult to lift out of the trolley when full.
  • The sticks that are part of the design, can be difficult to maneuver at first when packing the full bags into your car.
  • If in Australia, unless you are using the self serve checkout or if you are at Aldi, the current design of Australian Coles & Woolworths checkouts will make it difficult for you to work with the checkout person on packing your items. - both stores however have announced they are getting rid of plastic bags and moving into the reusable. So the checkout design may change in the future?
  • The Aldi brand did not have the front smaller bag as a 'cooler' bag, like the others you can get online (see below).
How Can I Purchase? 
Aldi - Whilst they are currently sold out in stores, hopefully Aldi will return this item as a regular product in the future. If you do see them be sure to get them as soon as you can as they will sell fast!

Amazon Online - See below similar shopping trolley bags available online.

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  • What an awesome service! I can’t wait to try!

  • I wish we had an Aldi’s here! I love their stores, but the closest one is quite a drive

  • I have never heard of trolley bags before. They sound like a great way to keep your groceries organized.

  • That looks neat! I should probably shop at Aldi more, but Target is closer and I’m a Target junkie! I wonder if these would work in other shopping carts…

  • These look super nifty! I’ve never seen them before but I can imagine they’d be really handy.


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